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Child Dentistry in Charleston WV and Montgomery WV

It is important for children to have a positive experience from the very first time they visit a dentist. Dr. Jack Bernardo Jr. DDS works hard to make sure your child is comfortable so that they do not fear going to the dentist. We try our best help them trust us by making sure they have positive experiences at our office. We have found that if children are made to feel comfortable during their first visits, they will continue to trust their dentist and feel comfortable at further appointments. By helping your children relax and have fun, we also help you to feel more relaxed about taking them to see their dentist. In order to accomplish this, we have worked hard to make our dentistry office fun and personable for our child patients.
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Children may have their first tooth grow in as early as 6 months of age. New teeth continue to break through their gums until they are as old as 4. During this process, they will experience sore gums, which can make them feel irritable. Understanding this, we, as a children's dentist, work closely with our parents to help to comfort their children and to provide pain-easing solutions.

Sometime around the age of 6, children begin losing their ... Read more
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